Talent Show
Annual event, 2017 –

Every year I host a Talent Show with the intention of drawing attention to individuality and encouraging people to try out new or untapped modes of self expression. Last year I welcomed over 250 attendees to the show with the following words:

hello dare devils, hello jokers
hello to those tell long, personal stories
and to those who listen patiently,
even if it’s boring
hello to the ones that sing
and draw and cry and watch tv
here we are are, together
hello to the safe pair of hands
hello to the those who can do accents
and those who practice,
hello to the radicals and the french
hello to those who can, who can’t
and those who can teach
hey! lets have coffee
on the morning of the wedding
lets crack open a bottle of vino verde,
light and crisp,
nice, nice and early on in the day
I never laughed as hard
as I’ve laughed with you
I’ve never thought anyone
would ever say those things that you do
hello to the genius in the room
hello to the babies
hello to the ones who can think
and talk
and just chat away
hello to the ones
that never know what to say
hello lesbians,
hello people who can drive
hello to my parents,
hello to the members of the public
who bought tickets to this night
hello to my flatmates,
hello to the nervous
hello to the makers and the players
the dancers, the freestylers
hello to those who can dj
and those who can type
hello to the bastards
and to the those who are shy
hello to the ones
that work so hard behind the scenes
(I see ya!)
to those who speak up
and those that wrestle with things
hello to those who care about the animals
and those that send working links
to eye opening videos
hello to the londoners,
the northerners
and the welsh
hello to ballers,
and ones that look after everyone else
yeah hello to the kind hearts,
the sweet ones,
the ones, call up, check in, or cook chicken
friends, family, spirits of the room
It’s cos you
that this moment in time
this tiny blip on a epic line,
is what it is - glorious!
so cheers all
thanks a lot
I want to honour what I’ve got
this party is about you, you know
so for the last time
and welcome
to the talent show