Live Scribing, 2012 - Present

For the last 7 years I have been lucky enough to work all over the world as a scribe! 

Scribing (sometimes called graphic facilitation or graphic recording) is essentially going along to  conferences or presentations or meetings or public talks, listening very carefully to what is being said and then translating the key ideas into images, using just a pen on a large strip of paper. The idea is to do this live, so that over the course of the day, I am able to build up a large visual summary of the content that has been discussed. 

Creating these large, detailed, yet bold peices of work, in real time, within a space full of people is great because it always attracts attention and stimulates further conversation about the event’s topic. I’ve had some amazing responses to this work over the years and that always makes the hard work (and it is hard at times) feel worth it. 

It’s also great for me because I get to dip into all these different industries and worlds and learn all about how they work. 

I’m lucky to have stumbled into scribing a long time ago, when I graduated from my BA and had was unsure of what my next move would be. I’ll always be gratful to Dan and Chris and the team at Scriberia, who took me under their wing, taught me how to scribe and continue to give me work that is so stimulating and sociable. 

Below are some pictures of my scribing years.

Me on the job

One of my early scribes; from a time where I didn’t quite understand the importance of structure.

Another pretty intense one. Drawn in collaboration with my mate Matt Kemp. 

Classic back-of-a-marquee scribe. This is a standard size drawing for a half day long event. 

One of my favourite jobs. Mainly cos Sally Phillips was there. 
Epic 3 day job in Egypt. 

One of my favourite short scribes. This was a half hour presentation about some columns that I was already pretty interested in. 

2 day scribe in Switzerland, all about the future of motorsport. 

One of the first jobs where I used the ‘people at the base’ approach, which I havn’t been able to shake since. 

2.5 days at the NEC arena in Birmingham.

Afternoon session at Sadlers Well, all about making dance more accessible for people. 

Every now again I get to scribe poetry events and I really enjoy that.