Good Morning World

Iva Yos

On International Dawn Chorus Day 2020 the art collective Soundcamp ran Reveil – a 24 hour radio broadcast that relayed 100s of audio livestreams from around the world. Each livestream recorded the sound of the dawn chorus as it occurred in real time. 

Good Morning World was a live art project that Iva Yos and I developed to run in parallel with Soundcamp’s epic broadcast. 

As the day broke across North and South America (and later, across the Asia-Pacific region) Iva and I tuned in to the broadcast and livestreamed our response via the Reveil website. I responded to the live audio of the dawn chorus through bold washes of colorful gradients layered with precise markings that mirrored the notes of bird songs and other distinct noises as they arose. Iva had compiled a list of geographic features, political events, industry apparatuses, plant species, and other elements related to each source location of the broadcast. As the dawn chorus progressed, Iva bid “good morning” to each element, in a psychedelic flattening of ontologies.