Alexa Bousti (co-director)
Nathan Bather (editor)
Sophie Koko Gate (animation)
Deep Throat Choir (music)

My first ever music video!

It was an honour to create this video for Deep Throat Choir – an amazing group of women that I have admired for so long.

As if seen through the eyes of a butterfly, this video takes us on a playful trip through a thickly woven bed of plants, humans, animals and other organic matter. Inspired by the spirit of the song (which takes on ideas from Donna Harraway’s The Camille Stories) we wanted to make a video that stares deep into the eyes of nature and coaxes the audience to reflect on the thin line that lies between humans and other forms of life. 

You can find out more about Deep Throat Choir and their new label Amorphous Sounds here.