Rachel Sale
Hello! Welcome to my site. I’m an artist based in South East London. My practice is almost entirely collaborative and explores themes of community and care. Click here for contact info. 


Alexa Bousti (co-director)
Nathan Bather (editor)
Sophie Koko Gate (animation)
Deep Throat Choir (music)

My first ever music video!

It was an honour to create this video for Deep Throat Choir – an amazing group of women that I have admired for so long.

As if seen through the eyes of a butterfly, this video takes us on a playful trip through a thickly woven bed of plants, humans, animals and other organic matter. Inspired by the spirit of the song (which takes on ideas from Donna Harraway’s The Camille Stories) we wanted to make a video that stares deep into the eyes of nature and coaxes the audience to reflect on the thin line that lies between humans and other forms of life. 

You can find out more about Deep Throat Choir and their new label Amorphous Sounds here. 

Good Morning World

Iva Yos

On International Dawn Chorus Day 2020 the art collective Soundcamp ran Reveil – a 24 hour radio broadcast that relayed 100s of audio livestreams from around the world. Each livestream recorded the sound of the dawn chorus as it occurred in real time. 

Good Morning World was a live art project that Iva Yos and I developed to run in parallel with Soundcamp’s epic broadcast. 

As the day broke across North and South America (and later, across the Asia-Pacific region) Iva and I tuned in to the broadcast and livestreamed our response via the Reveil website. I responded to the live audio of the dawn chorus through bold washes of colorful gradients layered with precise markings that mirrored the notes of bird songs and other distinct noises as they arose. Iva had compiled a list of geographic features, political events, industry apparatuses, plant species, and other elements related to each source location of the broadcast. As the dawn chorus progressed, Iva bid “good morning” to each element, in a psychedelic flattening of ontologies.

HORRID Covid! Zine
2020 (ongoing)

Jessie Krish (co-editor)
Mel Davies (co-editor)

During the Covid19 lockdown I have been working with Jessie and Mel on HORRID Covid! an online zine dedicated to the cultural side effects of coronavirus.

The aim of the zine is to gather together contributions from people of all ages and situations as well as artists and writers, in an attempt to create a collective record of this earth-shaking experience that we are all participating in.

So far we have had over 110 submissions from individuals across the world.

Read current issues and get involved in the next one by clicking here and going through to the HORRID Covid! website.

F.A.T. Studio C.I.C.
2019 (ongoing)

Sophie Koko Gate
Nathan Sherwood
Kate Ducker
Natanya Mark
Rachel Davey

Emilie Alstrup
Eleni Papazoglou
Jack Wild
Bridget Meyne
Matthew Cotton
Rosalind Wilson
Phillip Speakman
Tom Dowse
UCA Farnham Illustrators
LCC Illustrators
Billy Bindley (Tendencies Bulletin)
Kirsty Purnell
Black Prince Trust
Nathan Bather
Voluntary Arts UK
Walworth Living Room
Nika’s Kitchen
Tom Kemp
Jack Fawdry-Tatham
Pilgrims Way Primary School
Emily Baker
Eevi Rutanen
Tommy Brentnall
Tom Scotcher
Jessie Krish
Ossian Magazine
Against The Run Of Play
Bella Okuya
Red, Rolled and Seen
The New Earth Art School
Tuomas Kortteinen

In 2019 I founded F.A.T. Studio – an artist-led Community Interest Company based in South East London. Our aim is to run easily accessible creative activities for and with SE Londoners.

In November 2019 we organised a month long programme of events at AMP Gallery in Peckham. In collaboration with emerging artists, designers and community groups, we ran over 30 activities and welcomed over 500 people of all ages, backgrounds and occupations into the space. 

Click here to go through to the F.A.T. Studio website where you can find out much more about what we do and get involved.